Ground Rules / Forms

Procedures / Protocols

  • Register on website – credit card or pay by check when
  • If open enrolled and interested in playing Little League Baseball districts  you will need a copy of first quarter 2016 report card
  • Attend Evaluations on either  date
    • March 16th and March 18th
  • Wait to be contacted by your coach
  • Game play begins May-Quad City League
  • Move Ups – playing with grade level is not considered a move up.

ELLSA intent is to create fair teams at all levels.

Bat Information

Esko Summer Youth Little League Ground Rules

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Esko Summer Youth Little League includes:

FUN LEAGUE: (T-ball), boys & girls age 4, 5, and 6.

DEVELOPMENTAL: baseball boys  ages 6 & 7 (Next year’s first, 2nd  and 3rd graders)

ROOKIE LEAGUE: baseball boys  ages 9  (Next year’s 4th graders and 3rd graders that are ready for this level of play.)

MINORS: baseball boys age 10 (Next year’s 5th graders)

MAJORS:  baseball boys  ages 11-12 (Next year’s 6th and 7th graders)

INTERMEDIATE : baseball boys (or interested girls) age 13 – Next year’s 8th graders

BANTAMS/JUNIORS: baseball boys (or interested girls) ages 13-14 – Next year’s 9th graders.

Quad City Rules

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District Information

Districts for intermediates will begin the end of June.

What is it?

  • Opportunity to play baseball against other communities, after league play is done
  • Esko participates at these levels: 9-10 / 11 / 12 / Intermediates / Juniors

Who can participate?

  • All players are eligible if they participate in 60% of league games at their appropriate level and have expressed interest when registering

When does it occur?

  • Team selection occurs in the beginning of June with a 3-tier process; recommended by Little League International

What is the commitment?

  • Play begins the first week of July and can continue into August depending on success.
  • Additional expenses can occur with these opportunities, ie. uniforms, travel, etc.

For more information about Districts, click here.